DeGazon Music of Kleinburg
10449 (Bldg 2B) Islington Ave.
Kleinburg, ON
DeGazon Music of Mississauga
1700 Mazo Crescent
Mississauga, ON
DeGazon Music of Oakville
1250 McCraney St E
Oakville, ON

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  •  Mondays
    Contemporary & Lyrical: 4-5pm (ages 8-13)
    Ballet: 5-6pm (ages 4-7)
    Dance Appreciation: 4-4:45pm (ages 4-7)
    Dance Appreciation: 5-6pm (ages 8-13)
    Hip Hop / Jazz: 4-5pm (ages 8-13)
    Tap: 5-6pm (ages 8-13)
    Adult Tap *new*: 6-7pm

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